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How to behave in Barcelona


For a cool Barcelona pub crawl experience, you should know the rules of the land. Having a great party is a must in one of Europe’s best nightlife destinations, but you need to respect the law and stay on the safe side. A list of good advice will help you to make your stay memorable… Read more »

Barcelona – What to do this spring?


What is pub crawling? Well, pub crawling is basically a bar tour, or a pub tour around the city you are in, and Barcelona is a city that is popular with pub crawls. How exactly do you join a pub crawl with your fellow pub crawling lovers? Well, one of it is by signing to… Read more »

Top Public Squares in Barcelona to hang out at

public square to hang out - pub crawl barcelona

Summer in Barcelona is almost intolerable when it comes to surviving the heat. Luckily the locals have developed several nifty ways to deal with the temperatures! For example, going out in the noon hours is a generally awful idea, however, the public squares of the city come alive once the sun sets down. This is… Read more »

August events in Barcelona

august events - Pubcrawl Barcelona

Summer is at full force in Barcelona, meaning the heat is unbearable in the noon hours. Luckily for most visitors of the city, the best things happen after nightfall – and that includes pub crawls! Barcelona is a city that never – ok, rarerly – sleeps, and summertime usually means loads of things to do! Here’s our list… Read more »

Movies about Barcelona


Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations not just for Europe, but for the world. Its iconic sights, rich culture and amazing history leave thousands speechless every day. It is only natural that many filmmakers decided to capture the spirit of the Catalan heartland for the silver screen! Hung over from your pub… Read more »

Best Street Food in Barcelona

streetfood in bcn

With the street food revolution roaming across Europe, Barcelona was never going to be a city that stand in the way of culinary progress. Eating cheap but well may be essential to overcoming your hangover from last night’s Pub Crawl Barcelona adventures, so buckle up and check out our guide to Barcelona’s best street food… Read more »

Pub Crawl Barcelona and Winter Activities

barcelona winter pub crawl

Barcelona and winter might not be the first association you make in your mind when this popular tourist destination comes up. Granted, Barcelona is known for its culture, wild party scene, rich history and inspiring architecture – not ice skating and cold breezes. Still, the city has a lot to offer even in December, and… Read more »

Five Reasons to Party with Pub Crawl Barcelona!

barcelona party

We firmly believe that exploring the nightlife of Barcelona is best done by going on a pub crawl. However, we deal with this business on a daily basis, and see how people enjoy their adventures immensely – but you don’t have this luxury and understandably may need further convincing. Here’s our list of why should… Read more »

A Guide to BCN Travel by Pub Crawl Barcelona

pub crawl and airport

Like with many major European cities, getting around Barcelona can be tricky. Luckily Pub Crawl Barcelona is here to land a helping hand! Check out our guide to Barcelona’s public transportation, airports and much more – so you will never miss your upcoming awesome pub crawl!

Pub Crawl Barcelona Recommends: Bars and Clubs

pub crawl barcelona recommends

During our daily nighlife cruize pub crawl Barcelona visits the best bars and clubs of the city. In this weekly blog post we go into detail why we feel these places are must visits when you are in the party capital of the Mediterranean!

The Best Beaches of Barcelona – According to Pub Crawl Barcelona

Barceloneta beach and pub crawl barcelona

By day Barcelona is an ideal city for pubcrawling, but by day everyone wants to head down to the beach and enjoy the warm Mediterranean Sea. Finding the best beach can be quite a hassle – especially during the summer -, but we at Pub Crawl Barcelona can probably help you out with that! Here’s… Read more »

We Love You, You Love Us! – What Our BCN Crawlers Wrote


Running a pub crawl in Barcelona can be challenging, but the rewards are the times when you guys have great times! Most of our guests tell us on the spot how much fun they are having, but others decide to write their feelings down. They love us, and we love you guys! Here’s a short… Read more »

Summer with Pub Crawl Barcelona

pub crawl barcelona

The calendar may be coming up to the end of July, but summer is far from over in Barcelona! In this article we take a look at the upcoming events – just in case you need to do something besides going out on a pub crawl in Barcelona!

Pub Crawls around the World

international pub crawls and barcelona

Going on a pub crawl is a relatively new habit for many, but as usual, awesome things are rarely kept a secret and the joys of going on a crawl have spread to almost everywhere! Here’s our subjective selection of crawls that rock the socks off!

Top 6 Culinary Adventures for the Day After a Pub Crawl

pub crawl food

Barcelona is a gastronomical hotspot of Europe, from tasty street food to luxury restaurants, the Catalans sure do know how to live the good life. Here’s our top list of delicious things to try in between (or during) pub crawls!

Pub Crawl Barcelona saves the day, a letter from Gracie

gracie and pub crawl barcelona

Last month we had a wonderful crawler, Gracie. She spent a weekend in Barcelona and had such fun with us that she even decided to send us a loveletter, which we are not shy to publish! Here’s her recollection of a night, where pub crawl Barcelona saved the day:

Memories to Share with Pub Crawl Barcelona

pub crawl barcelona

A party city that never sleeps, sounds good, right? With a Barcelona Pub Crawl you can go ahead and see how this wonderful concept works in reality! Locals and visitors alike just love to go out for a crazy night in Barcelona, or BCN as they call it!