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How to behave in Barcelona


For a cool Barcelona pub crawl experience, you should know the rules of the land. Having a great party is a must in one of Europe’s best nightlife destinations, but you need to respect the law and stay on the safe side. A list of good advice will help you to make your stay memorable… Read more »

Barcelona – What to do this spring?


What is pub crawling? Well, pub crawling is basically a bar tour, or a pub tour around the city you are in, and Barcelona is a city that is popular with pub crawls. How exactly do you join a pub crawl with your fellow pub crawling lovers? Well, one of it is by signing to… Read more »

Movies about Barcelona


Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations not just for Europe, but for the world. Its iconic sights, rich culture and amazing history leave thousands speechless every day. It is only natural that many filmmakers decided to capture the spirit of the Catalan heartland for the silver screen! Hung over from your pub… Read more »

Five Drink Everyone Should Try on Their Pub Crawl


Pubcrawls has become a trend amongst young people and tourists everywhere, including Barcelona. With these spontaneous nights-out, exploring the culture of a country can be quite hectic, but not out of the realm of possibilities. When it comes to nightlife, Spain is one of the best destinations you can choose. Unlike other places, here you… Read more »

Best Street Food in Barcelona

streetfood in bcn

With the street food revolution roaming across Europe, Barcelona was never going to be a city that stand in the way of culinary progress. Eating cheap but well may be essential to overcoming your hangover from last night’s Pub Crawl Barcelona adventures, so buckle up and check out our guide to Barcelona’s best street food… Read more »

BCN November Events


The weather may have turned a tad chilly in November, but that is not enough to slow down a city like Barcelona! Concerts, festival and more, pub crawl Barcelona is here to help with your perfect November adventure alongside your pubcrawl in BCN!

Five Reasons to Party with Pub Crawl Barcelona!

barcelona party

We firmly believe that exploring the nightlife of Barcelona is best done by going on a pub crawl. However, we deal with this business on a daily basis, and see how people enjoy their adventures immensely – but you don’t have this luxury and understandably may need further convincing. Here’s our list of why should… Read more »

A Guide to BCN Travel by Pub Crawl Barcelona

pub crawl and airport

Like with many major European cities, getting around Barcelona can be tricky. Luckily Pub Crawl Barcelona is here to land a helping hand! Check out our guide to Barcelona’s public transportation, airports and much more – so you will never miss your upcoming awesome pub crawl!

Barcelona and Gaudí

gaudí and barcelona pub crawl

Many would argue that Pubcrawls are not about culture, and certainly, convincing arguments could be brought into this discussion. Regardless, when roaming the streets of Barcelona – may it be day or night -, every visitor of the city can agree that there are buildings that stand out. These special pieces of architecture usually have… Read more »

Experiencing Barcelona and a Certain Football Club

barcelona pub crawl

The city of Barcelona is known for its rich history, vivid nightlife, and an extraordinary cuisine. The local culture is something that all citizens of the area wear proudly – and yes, you can take that quite literally.