We Love You, You Love Us! – What Our BCN Crawlers Wrote

Running a pub crawl in Barcelona can be challenging, but the rewards are the times when you guys have great times! Most of our guests tell us on the spot how much fun they are having, but others decide to write their feelings down. They love us, and we love you guys! Here’s a short selection of blog posts written about us by our crawlers. Thank you!

“We drank, sang, and danced without a care in the world. I have never been so drunk in my life. It was crazy! It was nowhere near my idea of a night out. But it was totally worth my money.” Wandering and Happy

“It doesn’t matter what they say – there really is no better ice-breaker than doing a shot of tequila off a stranger’s stomach.” Alex Cutler Says

“I’ve got to hand it to them, Pub Crawl Barcelona definitely delivered! We found ourselves in some really quirky places, and it’s always in the quirky places that you meet the most interesting people, isn’t it. … In true backpacker style we became best friends after a couple of hours together and I’m still in touch with some of them even now that we’ve moved on to other cities. ” – Sister Salt

“The big question was “what to do to get a good taste of Barcelona, have fun, and to last for as long as possible in the evening?” Pub crawling seemed like a nice experience for all of us, especially since not everyone did this before.” – I travel to…

“Isn’t it amazing how travel keeps on evolving? I love the idea of pub crawling, I think it is brilliant and a fun way to meet new people, enjoying nightlife and dining scene while you travel.” Valerie Caulin

“Pub crawl Barcelona didn’t compromise on its standard at all. It had a unique appeal to it, with the kind of music, drinks and the ambience. Pub crawl Barcelona has an international appeal with a touch of the local scene, which makes it so unique and irresistible.” Bhavya Kaushik

We usually encourage our crawlers to write about their Pub Crawl Barcelona experiences, but we never except them to be this nice. Thank you guys, see you soon in BCN! :)