Top Historic Events that had Alcohol Involved

History has shown that humanity’s deep connection with alcohol dates back thousands of years. Pub crawl didn’t need to be invented, it came naturally to most of our ancestors. Our world wouldn’t be the same without some people getting wasted in some important moments.

American president Richard Nixon is known for the Watergate scandal but his good relation with alcohol managed to turn the course of history during the Cold War. When he was facing the Yom Kippur War and the crisis in the Middle East in 1973, he got news about Watergate going out to the press. The president went into his room, locked the door, and gut drunk for good. Meanwhile, his advisors solved the crisis by starting an airlift and saving Israel from catastrophic defeat.

The Russians took their part in changing history with the right amount of alcohol to celebrate change. During the Soviet Revolution, the soldiers who marched on the Tsar’s Winter Palace in 1917 helped to liberate the wine cellar of the building, and the whole army got wasted pretty soon. The reinforcements that were sent to stop the revelry also ended up joining the party to have history’s worst hangovers after more than 30 days of constant boozing. By reinforcing every wrong stereotype about Russians, the Soviet Union came into existence.

History can thank alcohol some for some of its finest pieces of art as Pablo Picasso could never create such masterpieces without some help from the “green fairy”. Pablo got hooked on absinthe while he was staying in Paris, where its consumption had great traditions. Originally, absinthe was drunk by French soldiers as a protection against malaria, the drink made its way to the masses by the 20th century and became illegal in the country shortly afterwards. Our Picasso was sharing his life between Paris and Barcelona at the time, and luckily enough for him, nobody wanted to ban absinthe in Spain. Whenever he come home, he got his supplies stacked up, thus beginning the tradition of pub crawl in Barcelona. He even painted the Absinthe Drinker, a woman getting drunk at a table, which sold for 51.2 million dollars in 2010.

As you can see, a BC bar tour is well rooted in Spanish history and the key events in our world couldn’t have happened without some people getting wasted. Join the club by booking a great pub crawl in Barcelona with us!