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Top 6 Culinary Adventures for the Day After a Pub Crawl

Barcelona is a gastronomical hotspot of Europe, from tasty street food to luxury restaurants, the Catalans sure do know how to live the good life. Here’s our top list of delicious things to try in between (or during) pub crawls!

1. Paella

Barcelona is well known for its fine marriage of seafood and Paella. One of the most loved dishes of the Iberian peninsula, this rice based dish will conquer the hearts of pub crawlers as well.

2. Pa Tomaquet

Hung over from a pub crawl but low on euros? No problem, have some pa tomatquet! Simple enough, it is basically bread, rubbed with garlic or tomatoes. Filling, healthy and budget friendly!

3. Cava Penedes

Local drinks are always fun to try, and you cannot get more local than cava. The Catalan Penedes regions is known for its exquisite cava – which is best characterized as sparkling wine.

4. Anis de Mono

Another great drink to try is Catalunya’s Anis de Mono. Made in Barcelona, this aniseed spirit goes swell with a late afternoon snack! Cheers!

5. Cocas

Back to food. Anoter pub crawl and budget friendly bite is cocas. Sweat bread and pastries combine well in most western cuisines, but nearly nothing can beat this delicious combo. Have some while

6. Calcots and Romensco sauce

Calcots is great fun. Accompanied with a certain ceremony – you should definitely ask a local to show this! -, having calcots with romesco sauce is a must try for everyone interested in a purely garlic-y experience! Although, if you intend to score some action on a pub crawl, maybe leave this one for the day after!

+1 Anything!

Barcelona is known for its rich history and culture, and the same applies to its culinary tapestry. People are friendly and will happily point anyone in the right direction when it comes to finding a pub crawl or a snack for the morning after! Don’t be afraid to try new things, since the wonders of exploration are hard to beat!