streetfood in bcn

Best Street Food in Barcelona

With the street food revolution roaming across Europe, Barcelona was never going to be a city that stand in the way of culinary progress. Eating cheap but well may be essential to overcoming your hangover from last night’s Pub Crawl Barcelona adventures, so buckle up and check out our guide to Barcelona’s best street food joints!

Veggies rejoice! Maoz is a little vegetarian takeaway diner, ideal for a quick bite before your pub crawl. Set on Ferran street, Maoz makes great pita sandwich and hummus. Not local enough? Don’t worry, they do everything with a distinct Mediterranean interpetation!

Bar Bo de B
Don’t let the massive lines discourage you, Bar Bo de B is worth the hassle! Set in Barcelona’s downtown, Bar Bo de B is a safe bet for your hangover munchies. A sandwich is just around €4, making it ideal for budget minded travelers. You can always sit down and eat, or just order a takeaway!

La Taguara Areperia
La Taguara is yet another unusual destination, and definitely not a typical local food joint – but that is what we are after, right? Arepa is a typical South American meal, flatbread, served with various yummy fillings. La Taguara Areperia is a culinary adventure for locals and visitors alike, so do not miss!

Can Paixano
Come here for the amazing tapas! Also, you can drink here as well, which is always a plus for the pub-crawl-minded crowds! The place can be crowded, but a visit is worth a little test of patience. Try to come early in the afternoon!

And if you are not hungry any more, remember to head on to your pub crawl for the night!