gracie and pub crawl barcelona

Pub Crawl Barcelona saves the day, a letter from Gracie

Last month we had a wonderful crawler, Gracie. She spent a weekend in Barcelona and had such fun with us that she even decided to send us a loveletter, which we are not shy to publish! Here’s her recollection of a night, where pub crawl Barcelona saved the day:

I am a backpacker, and as with most of us, I’d like to believe that I am awesome at making friends. I’ve found people to be mostly open minded in the backpacking community and never had any problem making a personal connection. What works back home has so far worked everywhere.

That is why I booked a place at a so called party hostel. Without naming the place, I still feel obliged to say it was nowhere near my expectations. I do like to check reviews at or tripadvors, and all of us take the info on a hostel with a grain of salt. I don’t mind third world linens. I don’t mind mediocre air conditioning. What I care about is the people and an atmosphere.

This place had none of the above. (Well, they did have linens, so I had that going for me.) They overbooked the place for an event – at a hostel! what is it, an event hall?? – and me and a french guy (who arrived at the same time and equally confused), only managed to get a room after some serious negotiations. I admit, swearwords were used in the process.

Of course, the event meant that we were all out of luck for the weekend, no party hostel no atmosphere. No martini even, haha. With my new friend in misery, we decided to explore the city on foot. That’s when we bumped into one of the pub crawl promoters, Martin. He seemed a bit out-of-this-world at first, I have to admit, but we decided to roll with it. What a great idea that was!

People! Always trust your gut when it comes to partying. And mine told me that this semi-drunk dude might be onto something. We ended up joining pub crawl that I will always remember.

If you ever feel lost in Barcelona, just trust your gut, these guys know how to party. And that compliment is coming from someone who survived a few highly erratic years in a midwestern college town.

Thank you for everything, hope to see you guys again! Pub crawl Barcelona rocks!