barcelona winter pub crawl

Pub Crawl Barcelona and Winter Activities

Barcelona and winter might not be the first association you make in your mind when this popular tourist destination comes up. Granted, Barcelona is known for its culture, wild party scene, rich history and inspiring architecture – not ice skating and cold breezes. Still, the city has a lot to offer even in December, and this is your dedicated article by Pub Crawl Barcelona!

If you do not like going to beaches and suffering heatwaves – winter is actually the best time to visit Barcelona! Say what, are we crazy? Definitely! But think about it, summer and spring is the most popular time of the year in Barcelona when it come to tourism, and with the most important sights flooded by visitors, it is hard to enjoy the city properly. Come December, the masses disappear and suddenly you have the Sagrada Familia all to yourself! (Well, almost.)

Christmas is an important holiday, meaning Christmas Markets are a thing even in Barcelona. Visit the Santa Llúcia Christmas fair, which is an immense market set up around the cathedral. Nearby you can even visit fairly impressive nativity play – if you are into that kind of things.

If you like hot chocolate or a nice mug coffee, winter in Barcelona is a must! Grab a quick cup and set out to explore the city on foot. You will never be freezing, since it rarely drops below zero, but your will avoid the usual touristy bothers: no standing in lines, no crowds, and most importantly, no heat waves!

Oh, and if you are interested in exploring the nightlife of Barcelona, remember, barcrawls take place every night of year – regardless of the weather. Book your nightout with Pub Crawl Barcelona and be prepared for a night that is hard to forget!