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Five Reasons to Party with Pub Crawl Barcelona!

We firmly believe that exploring the nightlife of Barcelona is best done by going on a pub crawl. However, we deal with this business on a daily basis, and see how people enjoy their adventures immensely – but you don’t have this luxury and understandably may need further convincing. Here’s our list of why should you join a pub crawl Barcelona adventure!

1) You are never lost and alone

Getting around in a foreign city – especially during the night – can be quite daunting. Especially for ladies, exploring a club that is unknown, can be risky even in safe cities like Barcelona. Luckily, on pub crawl you are never alone, and never lost!

2) International partytime

We absolutely love the fact that every night there are new people of countless nationalities registering for a pub crawl. We believe that the best party mix comes from a wide variety of nationalities and stories that come naturally with the territory!

3) The Pub Crawl Barcelona Craziness

Do the math. A lot of cheap booze, plus new people wanting to make friends, add to that a stern determination of making a memorable first impressions, and what do get? That’s right, crazy pubcrawl adventures!

4) Save money

Barcelona is packed with lovely promoters trying to sell the best pubcrawl deal on the spot. We have no problem with them, they do a fine job! However, sometimes the deal you strike on the street is far from the best. This is where we come in. Pub Crawl Barcelona offers the best prices, no scams, no smooth talking, a reliable, party-positive service!

5) Local and international guides

Our guides come from far and wide. Sometimes they are locals, sometimes its a friendly lad from, say, South Africa. We believe that just the right mix of local and international guides brings the necessary extra to the table when it comes to providing a memorable pub crawl adventure!

Book online and reserve your tour for tonight. We have pubcrawls everyday, but the clock is ticking!