Oldest Breweries of Barcelona

Barcelona knows how to party and it needs sufficient amount of beer to do so! It has been like this for more than a century and the city did learn how to make their own drink. Whenever you’re on a Barcelona pub tour, you will find some of these brands on tap. Let’s see what the city has to offer!

Probably the oldest brewery in Barcelona is the Moritz Brewery. Founded by the Alsacian Louis Moritz, the first small factory opened its doors in the Raval neighborhood in 1859. It took less than a decade for him to buy the Mauerer Brewery and started mass production of his beer. He won several prizes in Barcelona and later in Paris, continuing his brewery traditions today. The Moritz Brewery still has a large number of beers for you to try with new flavors added to the already extensive selection.

The most famous of Spanish beers is Estrella. The name means star, both in Spanish and Catalan, and it is a light lager beer made by S.A. Damm. The factory itself opened its doors in 1876 when two Alsacian August Kuentzmann Damman and Joseph Damm. They began beer production in Barcelona and soon became the major figures in the lucrative beer industry. Just imagine when the first barrels of beer rolled out of the factory! Although this part of Europe is mostly a wine-drinker, the introduction of German style yet lighter beer was a true novelty at the time. The factory didn’t stop to grow over the decades, and it is probably the largest producer of beer in the country. It is guaranteed that you will find the refreshing Estrella on tap in Barcelona!

Another favorite in the Barcelona beer scene is the Xibeca, a real Catalan beer. It is very popular in the summer months as a light lager to accompany a meal. It rose to popularity in the 1960s. For a some time, it used to be the beer of the local baseball team!

Whatever you choose in Barcelona, you will definitely have refreshing experience on our Barcelona pub tour. Just make sure to book your experience with us and make the most of your experience!