Live Music Bar in Barcelona

You can’t spell Barcelona without „Bar” – and it becomes pretty trivial the very first time you visit this non-stop buzzing city! Thousands of parties, pub crawls, concerts and much more waits for you. And since drinking and dancing seem to go hand in hand, let’s take a look at the live music scene of Barcelona, as a bar with live music is something you can’t miss while you’re here!

Harlem Jazz Club
The Gothic Quarter’s most famous concert venue is certainly one of the oldest clubs in Barcelona, as there is live music every single day since 1987. It’s a scene for jazz, blues, soul, funk and all related genres – and after the live shows there are always DJ sets, so if you want to dance ’til dawn, this is the perfect place to visit!

The Heliogàbal is not the regular live music pub you’d expect – it’s so much more. Actually it’s more like a small cultural centre which supports music, literature and there are even painting and photography exhibitions. It’s a famous meeting point for not only local artists but creators and performers around the world and a very important cultural core of Barcelona.

The very heart of black music in Barcelona is just across the Plaça Reial. Thanks to its location the acoustics of the stage is rather extraordinary, as this venue is placed in a former cave. Here you’ll find all genres that grew from afro-american roots, such as blues, soul, hip-hop, R&B or funk – but the most famous parties here are the jam sessions, where all the musicians improvise together. It’s a truly unique experience!

Big Bang
If you’re more into the rock and roll music scene, you will fall in love with this place the first time you’ll step inside! This venue has a long history, as it was first opened as a winery in the beginning of the 20th century. Now, after more than a hundred years later it’s still standing but as one of the most famous bars of Barcelona.

Sidecar is also known as the “basement of the Plaça Reial”, and it’s legendary for hosting the most famous local bands of Spain. If you’re into indie rock and grunge music, you won’t leave this venue disappointed!