How to Get Tickets to a Barca Match?

Enjoying a wicked night of pub crawl in Barcelona? Good start, but we think that a match at Camp Nou is an essential part of the Barcelona experience. Getting a ticket might not be the easiest thing, so we give you some hints to make your life easier.

Where to buy tickets?

The easiest way to go is by checking out the official website of Barca and booking directly through them. Not only it saves a lot of time, but you can be sure that the tickets are genuine and authentic. Another option is to check out the local official vending booths or the Botigues stores once in Barcelona. If you don’t have access to these, you can try international ticket offices or the tourism office.

When to buy?

Note that directly sold tickets, for those who don’t hold a membership card, become available 4 weeks prior to the match in the La Liga series. For Champions Leauge matches (UCL) tickets are sold immediately after the group stage is set in September. As a general rule, tickets go on sale in championships as soon as the draw is made.

What if there are no/few tickets left?

The capacity of the stadium is of course limited, but bear in mind that the ticketing system is dynamic and some seats might free up as the date of the match gets closer. During the final week, make sure to check back online and search for all sectors. In some cases, like a Barca vs Real Madrid game, you might not find any seats remaining because these sell out fast.

Which seat to choose?

Tickets come in different prices based on memberships, date of purchase and of course, location. Here’s a list of the best sectors in descending order: Tribuna: 2 C, 2 E, 1 C, 1 E, Lateral 2 C, Tribuna 3 C, Lateral 1 C, Grandstand 3 E, Lateral 2 E, 1 E, 3 C, 3 E, Goal 2, 1, 3, Lateral 4, and General. Don’t forget to check to sector before you book your ticket!

If you feel ready for the football experience that only Barca can give you book a ticket and see the world’s best playing on the pitch! Meanwhile, Barca victories are best celebrated with some friends and drinks. Finish of the day with a cool pub tour in Barcelona with us and have a blast!