How to behave in Barcelona

For a cool Barcelona pub crawl experience, you should know the rules of the land. Having a great party is a must in one of Europe’s best nightlife destinations, but you need to respect the law and stay on the safe side. A list of good advice will help you to make your stay memorable and risk-free!

Since Barcelona’s parties are now world famous attractions, local regulations had to keep up with the increasing number of tourists and with the concerns of locals. Probably the biggest problem was littering. An infinite number of empty bottles, napkins and plastic was left on the streets so today, police can fine you for 1500 euros, if they catch you littering. So be nice and look for a bin, that money could be better spent on drinks.

Another issue was the noise. When you’re in a bar or a club, sometimes you need to get a bit of fresh air and leave for the street. It is completely natural to have dozens of people hanging out in front of the place, but try to keep your voice down a bit since you don’t want the police to join your party here.

It might be obvious, but due to some bad examples, it has to be stated that urinating in public is not a good idea in Barcelona. A serious fine can be issued for it, and the police now pays special attention to this felony, not to mention the often present surveillance cameras. Use the bar or club facilities, or look for a public toilet.

Smoking regulations are almost the same as in most European cities, namely you’re not allowed to smoke in indoor places. Look for open balconies and designated smoking areas. Most clubs have open-air terraces where you can get a little fresh air or smoke a cigarette in peace.

If you keep these simple rules, you will have no trouble with the law in the city and you will have an amazing nightlife experience. So, get your stuff together, invite your friends and book a Barcelona pub tour with us today!