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How to Bartalk in Catalan with Pub Crawl Barcelona

If drinking is the universal language between humans, then ordering a beer in any given language is your passport. Lucky for you, Pub Crawl Barcelona does possess the proper authority to hand out visas to this magical wonderland! Bartalk is essential if you were to survive in any hostile environment, and while sometimes clubs and pubs do get nasty, luckily Barcelona and its people are quite friendly. Regardless, knowing a few Catalan phrases will impress on your pub crawl Barcelona adventures!

The essentials

Una cervesa / dues cerveses, si us plau – A beer / two beers, please. This one is important, it will get you far!

Un got de vi negre / blanc, si us plau. – Not into beer? That’s OK. This one says ‘A glass of red white wine, please’.

Força Barca/Messi/Neymar – Remember this one too, praising the local football gods can get you out of a few tight situation.

Salut! – This is pretty much the standard toast. Can’t this one wrong.

As for the hard stuff, words like whiskey, rum (rom), and vodka are generally understood. However, do remember to always say thanks, which is ‘gràcies’. A little politeness never hurts!

T’estimo – this is the good old ‘I love you’. Just in case you meet the love of your life during our pubcrawl! (Fingers crossed!)

And what if you get lucky on your Catalan romantic conquers? ‘Bon dia’ stands for ‘good morning’!

Word of Advice

Also, finally, please note that Catalan and Spanish are not the same, and there are some local and regional fissures on this matter. What we’re saying is, don’t be stupid, don’t try to impress a Spanish group with your Catalan knowledge. Although that’s common sense, right?

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