Barcelona – What to do this spring?

What is pub crawling? Well, pub crawling is basically a bar tour, or a pub tour around the city you are in, and Barcelona is a city that is popular with pub crawls. How exactly do you join a pub crawl with your fellow pub crawling lovers? Well, one of it is by signing to Pub Crawl Barcelona.
It is February, which means Barcelona will be seeing a rise in spring party events, including bar tours or pub tours. And of course, Pub Crawl Barcelona is joining the party!

With them, you can participate in a stream of events that happen only once a year. You will see the streets of Barcelona in a different light. You will get to scream and shout and laugh with other pub tour enthusiasts who are just trying to get the same experience as you will be when you sign up for a pub crawl with Pub Crawl Barcelona.

They have a list of awesome spring events ready for you, just to name a few of our favorites:

Festes de Sant Medir de Gràcia
Revell in the beauty of hundreds of custom made, horse drawn cards on the feast day of St. Emeterius! A whole day of festivities, centered around these artful creations. The best part of whole shenanigans? When the cards circle around and start handing out sweets!

Handmade stuff at the Handmade Festival!
There’s no better way to try making stuff with your own hands than after having a couple of drinks at a couple of bars with a couple of dudes who share a couple of your enthusiasms.

Zurich Marató de Barcelona
This event is organized specifically to celebrate the 39th year of Independence of the country! It is a marathon run, but then again, what better way to run than when you are intoxicated? You probably won’t even feel tired and win the whole thing!