gaudí and barcelona pub crawl

Barcelona and Gaudí

Many would argue that Pubcrawls are not about culture, and certainly, convincing arguments could be brought into this discussion. Regardless, when roaming the streets of Barcelona – may it be day or night -, every visitor of the city can agree that there are buildings that stand out. These special pieces of architecture usually have one thing in common: they were designed by a mysterious sounding fellow, often referred to as ‘Gaudí’.

The work of Anton Gaudí is known for the eccentric, otherworldly, even groovy design choices. Born in 1852 Gaudí graduated with honors in 1878. With radical designs early on in his career, he quickly stood out from the usual crop of architectures. The buildings of Gaudí are known for their often organic design, like they were not built, but grown out of thin air. Natural curves, twisted edges, skulls, bones and sculptures, the elements of life and death play an important role in the world of Anton Gaudí.

One of the most notable examples of his work is the world famous Sagrada Familia basilica. The gigantic building is the number one sight of Barcelona and for a good reason – the massive entrance, the towering height of this monumental architectural wonder, the disorienting design capture the imagination of all visitors. By the way, it is still under construction, but once finished, it will be the largest basilica in the world!

However, the heritage of Gaudí does not stop at the Sagrada Familíia. If you are in Barcelona and love the work of Guadí, do check out the magical sculptures of Park Güell, which also houses the original home of the architect. The Casa Batlló is probably the most unusual house of Barcelona, and really, the list goes on and on.

It is easy to find amusing buildings in Barcelona, the fingerprints of Anton Gaudí are everywhere. If you ever feel the need to take a break from the tourist masses whom usually flounder around these famous buildings just register for a tour with pubcrawl Barcelona!