Alternative methods to getting around in Barcelona

If you’ve ever been to Barcelona, you probably know the transport system is pretty neat there. There are a lot of options to choose from, and underground lines run non-stop on weekends, which is very relieving especially after a massive pub crawl in Barcelona downtown in the middle of the night. However, if you’d like to try other kind of transportation in the city, we got your back. Of course, there is the good old sightseeing bus method, which is a nice, quick and simple way to explore the city for the first time.
But if you’d rather get a closer look, or want to stop occasionally for a few minutes, you should try with something smaller instead – for example, rent a bike and cruise around the city all day long! What you should consider before renting is that the city of Barcelona is not entirely flat.
Not a fan of mountain biking? If you have a drivers’ licence, you should rent a motorcycle, as they are extremely popular in Barcelona! Almost everyone rides a motorcycle there, with a ride like this you’ll be accepted by every local in no time.
If you’re looking for some more entertaining type of transportation, we have the thing for you. Actually, we have two tips! One of them is GoCar, which became really popular in the past years: if you see small and funny yellow cars rolling on the streets in a long row, that is what we’re talking about. Because be prepared, you’re gonna see them all the time while you’re in Barcelona.
Cycle taxi – or as they call it: Trixi – is another unique experience to see the city. Trixi’s page on Tripadvisor is literally exploding because of all the hype and positive feedback about this sightseeing tour. It has a lot of advantages, for example it definitely saves your feet from an all day long struggle! With Trixi, you can explore the smallest streets of downtown and find all the hidden gems of the city while listening to prepared tour guides and having a comfortable ride in beautiful Barcelona.