Pub Crawl Barcelona, Your Adventure!

Be part of a unique pub crawl adventure through the streets of Barcelona, where every night is a journey to remember! Every night we bring together travelers from all over the world to show them the Barcelona we love. If you are looking for partying, all night adventures, a wild night-out in Barcelona – that’s us. Barcelona is never asleep, so why should you be? Join the fun!

Want to visit the best of the best bars? Come with us, our expert crawl guides will show you the hip clubs, as well as the hidden gems of Barcelona’s night life. A night-out with Pub Crawl Barcelona will help you get your bearings in a city that has everything to offer. Don’t forget, this is your time to live, say yes to your adventure!

  • Free First Beer or Sangria!
  • Free tapas or pintxo!
  • 3 free shots!
  • Skip the line to the best club of Barcelona!
  • FREE club entry voucher!
Pub Crawl Barcelona

* You only have to pay once for Barcelona´s unlimited pub crawl and you can come back as many times as you want!

Visit the best clubs in Barcelona!

Tapas Up with Pub Crawl Barcelona

Apart from our expert advice we give you a taste of local specialties, so foodies rejoice, it’s tapas time! At our tours we present a variety of small savory dishes, great local specialties to spicy up your pub crawl experience in Barcelona. It can be hot or cold, tapas, however, will certainly bring everyone together.

Our tours also include a free welcome drink of either beer or wine. Since you are in Barcelona, you should also taste Sangria and Orujo – all part of your experience! Once filled up and ready to go, we end the crawl in a popular club where the music will move even the dead.

Experience a city, a lifestyle, experience Barcelona!

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